Friday, January 10, 2014

i have moved

i have moved
started the new year
with a new mission

won't you come over
and say hello?
{don't forget to update your bookmarks}


tjmcchesney said...

Your pictures definitely spread joy...looking forward to following your year in joy! :)

Claudie said...

hard work to join two pieces of "fence"
and good "job" for you with this shot, to join the old and the new blog

Linda R said...

Hello my friend.. Good to see you once again. A great photo. I have missed you here in Blogland.


Katy Noelle said...

This link had completely disappeared on me but, now, here it is.... I don't understand but, Kamana, I'm sorry that I've missed so much. I have to say, too... I cried when I found you again!! (Silly? I think not! ;) )

=) xo

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