Friday, December 14, 2012

Blind beggar on the street

you sit cross legged
on the side of the dirt path
where the frayed burlap
on cracked mud
forms your seat.
your sunken unseeing eyes
are restless
but do not notice
a passerby throw bread
in your direction;
it falls a foot short
and is immediately attacked
by flies that form
a thick sticky black glaze
on that stale loaf.
the rags you wear
seem to be dissolving
into your frail body;
in your hope wizened hands
you clutch a tin
that once contained baby formula
but now rattles a few loose coins
against your soul.

and yet
you smile.

etched into the lines of your face
is a smile
that flickers with faith
through the tangle of your being
as you hold onto time’s finger
waiting for someone else to see.


joining the poets over at dverse who are all talking in the second person today.


Naturally Carol said...

A confronting image you've presented Kamana...reminding me to be compassionate always. After all, there but for the grace of God, go I.

Brian Miller said... write this with grit...details really make this work...the baby bottle jumped out at me....great work you really bring to them to startling life...

Daydreamertoo said...

Awww...this gets right in and grabs the heart.
Rattles a few loose coins against your soul... (gulps)
Very, very tender and, moving.

kaykuala said...

etched into the lines of your face
is a smile that flickers with faith

Beautiful lines Kamana! The sincerity of a smile is apparent here but rather difficult to come by. Nicely!


Kelvin S.M. said... simply touched me deep inside... what i loved 'bout these people, despite of having less in life they still can manage to offer their big smile... never giving up from all the naughty laughter of misery... excellent write... smiles...

Victoria said...

The shocking reality of his plight is made all the more striking by your use of the 2nd person and sensory detail. Touched me deeply. This can be us, at any time.

awakenedwords said...

very powerful, so many good lines...clothes dissolving into skin...rattling against your soul...excellent

Sabio Lantz said...

Ouch -- well painted. Having lived for 2 years in South Asia, I felt this.

RMP said... really tugged at the emotions there. ahh...but such a wistful and positive end.

Claudie said...

And good idea to only join the pic of the "cracked mud"
It is enough with your words to make us see the man

Mary said...

Great artful expression, for caked mud!

Fred Rutherford said...

oh, very nice. Really like how this plays out, a parable of sorts. Great close here. Thanks

Claudia said...

i love that he still smiles...sensitive capture and the tin that once held baby formula makes it all the more real

RNSANE said...

What an incredible picture you have painted. It touched me deeply.

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