Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the flow of life

The sky, stretched creaseless like a blue fitted sheet
The sea, undulating eternally in its changing shades
Held captive between the fangs of time
Ageless in their existence
Unlike every other creation on this revolving sphere.
En route the heart hammered trail of our lives
Our once supple flesh softens and sags
As the babies we once rested in the crook of our arms
Now stand taller than our own slight frames
Combing our hair like we once plaited theirs.
We wear these years well,
Slow and meandering in our flow
But no matter who we kiss, ours is not a circular river
Slippery moss gathers on the rocks as the estuary nears.
We begin and we end in a predetermined scheme
Change remains the only constant
As time passes like water between fingers
The sky remains stretched creaseless like a blue fitted sheet.


Happy Birthday Kelly!
Won't you join me in celebrating Mrs Mediocrity's 50 years of life well lived?


mrs mediocrity said...

Oh my, this is simply fabulous! I love every bit of it. I hope it's okay if I print it out and keep a copy?
Yes, a blue-fitted sheet, so very beautiful. Thank you, and I am so glad you are here celebrating life with me today! xoxo

d smith kaich jones said...

this made me slow down this morning, catch my breath. ours is not a circular river, and moss gathers. it is up to us, methinks, to appreciate the softness of that moss.


Kathryn said...

Wow I love this, so beautifully expressed.

Tracy Mangold said...

Yes, indeed! Gorgeous! "We wear these years well." love that.

ayala said...

What a beautiful poem !

Kim Stevens said...

Oh my, what a gift with words, so beautiful!!

Sabio Lantz said...

sweet poem. may we all age well.

lori mcclure said...

This is beautiful. Love thinking of the sky being stretched like a fitted sheet. Cool image :)

Brian Miller said...

smiles..hoping i am still wearing my age well when i get there....oy on watching the boys grow up too...way too fast already....smiles...really a tender verse...and def a happy bday to kelly

Barbara Shallue said...

This is beautiful, Kamana! What a tribute to aging!

Tracie Skarbo said...

Gorgeous photo and a beautiful poem tribute!

Fred Rutherford said...

excellent piece. Love the framing here. Great lines throughout. Very nicely done.

Claudie said...

right rythme and efficient pictures (sky, sea, children)

i find this rose so beautiful, too

Amy said...

Oh my. So beautiful and poignant and true. I've missed coming here. Thank you.

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