Saturday, November 17, 2012

i am blessed

 it's not often that i have someone offer to make me lunch
so when Hero offered to cook today, i was more than happy.
 he pored over my cookbooks
and selected a pasta recipe that was simple and quick to make.
 needing me to only put the stove on for him,
he carefully prepped the ingredients, cooked the sauce, tasting as he went,
and stirred the pasta into the tomato, olive and caper sauce,
topping it with crumbled cheese as he heaped plates for serving.
i have had breakfast and lunch made by my son
and my daughter is planning to make us dinner.
i am feeling very pampered today.


Claudie said...

i was very proud about my own son cooking very soon (his siter then also, but she had problems with reading), but Hero makes it even earlier. congratulations to mother and child - and for Em too, of course. I like your pictures !

Meri said...

You've taught your children well. My sons are capable cooks -- imaginative, even -- a very important life skill.

Tracie Skarbo said...

What a wonderful day indeed! And he looks to be a talented chef indeed!

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