Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The food of romance

Asparagus is often listed as an ingredient of a romantic, sensual dinner for two.

I like asparagus, and romantic or not, I think it's both pretty on the plate and delicious to taste.

But perhaps even more frequently seen on that list of romantic ingredients is oysters.

And I have say, I just cannot see anything appealing about them. Just thinking about my

experience of eating them still makes me shudder.

For me, its not so much the food, but the atmosphere in which you eat together

that creates the romance.

As far as food goes,

starting off with perfectly spiced grilled shrimp

followed by a sensously creamy pasta,

and ending with a velvety chocolate fondue

with skewers of fresh fruit and luscious berries

sounds pretty good to me.

But to create the real ambience,

music, lights and fragrance are crucial.


How about you?

What would be on your romantic dinner menu?


Katy Noelle said...

You said it perfectly, already! I know, also, what you mean about the asparagus - it's always on the list for a romantic dinner. Whatever happens, lettuce that is too large, that you have to messily stuff in your mouth is a nightmare for romantic eating. heehee.

It's almost time for asparagus, here, in New England. Another month or so?=] We, now, have enough space to grow our own. Hopefully, I can plant some, this year.

Claudie said...

secret !
but some wine can be pleasant with

Sarah said...

Hi Kamana,
I agree on the asparagus-mmm and the oysters-yeuch! I love gambas, mussels, rich chocolate desserts-I think I associate these with romancew as they are treats-but beans and egg on toast with Andy is just as good!

Leenie said...

Asparagus--yum. Oysters-blecch!

It won't be long before the sharp eyed person can pick asparagus along the ditch banks and fence rows around here ...if the farm dogs don't chase you away.

Your romantic dinner sounds perfect.

GB said...

LOL the oyster bit---I could never bring myself to eat those. Curious-- what do you do with asparagus? I actually tried it in a mixed veggie subzi once and it was quite good.

Char said...

i like to make food that can be eaten using hands. feeding each other can be very sexy.

RNSANE said...

Well, I actually like oysters, raw, baked, Rockefeller and otherwise. Romantic dinner - almost anything fits the bill to me, depending on the person who shares the meal with you. It doesn't have to be a five star setting with a savings depleting price tag, just a sentimental spot that means something to the two of you and that special chemistry.

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